How can we develop a CBD beverage as a compelling alternative to alcoholic drinks?

Our strategy involved highlighting CBD’s health benefits while preserving a fun party vibe


To rival alcohol we chose to create a sunset beach vibe that focus on the relaxing benefits of CBD

Utilizing serene colors, beachside photographs, and elegant women, we successfully appealed to our key demographic


Our created ambiance provided a sense of serenity and relaxation

Through the use of serene imagery featuring women in hammocks and peaceful beach sunsets, we delivered a product that is both vibrant and relaxing


Services Provided

Simple and Effective

Logo Design

Effective product photography reveals the product’s features and also fosters a sense of ownership and connection with the product

A Complete Vibe

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines serve as essential tools to maintain a consistent aesthetic across all materials by setting specific standards that must be adhered to.

Designed to Stand Out

Packaging Design

Beyond a unified appearance, a corporate brand can utilize consistent slogans, headlines, and copy to communicate their message effectively.


Project Gallery


Concrete Results

A consistent visual theme, crafted with suitable colors, photographs, and graphic elements, can successfully transmit a specific emotion to consumers

A consistent visual theme is crucial in branding and marketing, as it helps establish a connection with the target audience by evoking specific emotions. This strategic consistency ensures that every piece of marketing material contributes to a unified brand message, reinforcing the desired perception and emotional response in the consumer’s mind. Ultimately, this approach leads to stronger brand recognition and a deeper emotional bond between the brand and its customers.