Belmont Equipment



How can a dental chair be transformed into an appealing product?

Although certain businesses present significant aesthetic challenges, we were fully prepared to take on this difficult task and came up with a creative solution.


The solution to the challenge lay in highlighting the product's inviting and comfortable attributes.

By crafting a brand with a clean and serene aesthetic, we successfully attracted the core audience and distinguished it in the dental industry.


The new brand identity allowed Belmont to establish itself as a formidable player in the dental industry.

New photography, a robust brand message, and innovative marketing materials enabled Belmont to captivate its intended audience.


Services Provided

A New Perspective

Product Photography

Effective product photography reveals the product’s features and also fosters a sense of ownership and connection with the product

Detailed Visual Guide

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines serve as essential tools to maintain a consistent aesthetic across all materials by setting specific standards that must be adhered to.

Consistent Theme

Brand Messaging

Beyond a unified appearance, a corporate brand can utilize consistent slogans, headlines, and copy to communicate their message effectively.


Project Gallery


Concrete Results

Build Lasting Connections: Combine a Cohesive Image with Unified Messaging for Brand Success

When your visual identity resonates harmoniously with your words, it creates a powerful, memorable experience for your audience. At the heart of effective branding is the ability to tell a consistent story across all platforms, reinforcing your values, and distinguishing your brand in a crowded marketplace.