Synchronized Mindz



Synchronized Mindz is a networking social club.

MezzCann was interested in capturing the concept of the third eye, promoting the idea that cannabis is a tool for achieving deeper awareness.


MezzCann's brand needed to be perceived as a wise choice over alcoholic drinks

By featuring the third eye as the primary graphic element, coupled with playful, ancient-inspired artwork we can present the brand as an engaging adventure toward enlightenment


The brand's final form delivers a vivid and memorable message

The logo, packaging, and brand messaging cohesively match the original vision, marketing the product as ‘The Beverage of the Wise.’


Services Provided

Bold and Memorable

Logo Design

Logos are vital for a brand because they provide a visual identity that is instantly recognizable, helping to differentiate the brand in a crowded marketplace and build lasting impressions with consumers.

Clean and Creative


Illustrated artwork can greatly enhance marketing collateral by providing a consistent and visually engaging theme across various platforms.

Clever and Vibrant

Packaging Design

Effective packaging design stands out on the shelves, reflects the brand’s identity, and appeals directly to consumers’ preferences and values, significantly influencing purchasing decisions.


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