Loucid Skinz

Logo Design

We designed the Loucid Skinz logo to mirror the branding of my design page, adding a touch of graffiti-style text to enhance its street-style essence.

Product Photography

Capturing the final product’s details requires high-quality photography. We achieved the background lighting effects by moving an LED light behind the product during a long-exposure shot.

Gaming Jerseys

To complement the brand’s gaming industry focus, we produced esports gaming jerseys, which was a strategic way to market the company.


Project Gallery


Concrete Results

Revolutionizing Gaming Gear: Introducing Loucid Skinz

Loucid Skinz was born out of a necessity to provide gaming devices with more than just protection – we aimed to adorn them with exceptional art. The market was saturated with skins from top companies featuring outdated graphics or overly simplistic patterns that failed to do justice to the devices they covered. To address this, every Loucid Skinz wrap was crafted through meticulous measuring, enduring multiple attempts and fine-tuning to perfect the design. The result? User-friendly templates that not only ensure a seamless installation process but also provide comprehensive coverage, transforming your gaming devices into works of art.