KUSA Collective



Subtle Rebrand with a Classic Touch

The client was looking to refresh their branding by incorporating a lioness silhouette into their logo while maintaining the essence of the original design.


Majestic Update: A Lotus Crown for Our Lioness

In maintaining the integrity of the original design, we opted to crown the lioness with a lotus leaf, symbolizing her status as the elegant queen of the jungle. 


From Concept to Elegance: Crafting the Client's Vision

This artistic evolution from a rudimentary concept to a polished emblem underscores the brand’s dedication to elegance and superior standards.


Services Provided

Original Logo


The original logo was clean and simple. However, the client needed a more distinctive and compelling design for their new brand. 

Client's Sketch

Powerful Concept

The client envisioned blending their current logo with a silhouette of a lioness, reflecting their identity as a strong, woman-owned business.

Digital Experience

Augmented Reality

We developed Instagram effects that transformed framed artwork into interactive augmented reality pieces, blending the physical and digital realms.


Project Gallery


Concrete Results

Client Delight: Elegant Brand Visions Comes to Life

The client’s reaction to the completed logo was one of complete satisfaction and joy. We took her initial dream and molded it into a symbol of elegance and class, capturing the essence of her brand and product with precision. This classic, elegant logo now serves as the perfect representation of her business, illustrating the seamless translation of vision into reality.