Granny Za



How can one develop attractive Pride-themed clothing that effectively integrates cannabis and grandmas?

To make this project successful, it was essential to design attractive apparel that honored gay pride while seamlessly integrating the cannabis theme with the brand’s identity


Design an eye-catching illustration of a stylish smoking grandma, featuring vibrant rainbow hues and complemented by an engaging timeline

Crafting a compelling tagline demonstrates the brand’s solidarity with the gay pride community and reinforces its commitment to inclusivity.


The merchandise we designed sold out at the gay pride events in both NYC and Washington, DC, marking a significant success.

Designing merchandise involves more than just placing your logo on a product; it requires creating a design that appeals to consumers and makes them want to buy it


Services Provided

Merging Two Worlds

Logo Design

We turned a Cannabis leaf into a heart shape to go along with the tagline “Love Comes in All Strains”

Design that Lights Up

Merchandise Design

Attractive merchandise serves as an effective marketing tool as well as an additional revenue stream for any business

Consistent Theme

Shirt Illustration

Crafting an eye-catching design leads to higher sales compared to merely placing a logo on a t-shirt. Moreover, this approach serves as an effective marketing strategy, as appealing merchandise is more likely to be worn repeatedly


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Concrete Results

The merchandise achieved remarkable success among the target demographic, selling out completely at our events in both New York City and Washington, D.C.

Merchandise serves as a potent instrument for enhancing brand visibility. When designed effectively, it transcends being just a product and becomes a statement that people want to associate with and showcase. The key lies in creating merchandise that resonates with the target audience, reflecting their tastes and values. It should not only embody the essence of the brand but also offer aesthetic and functional value that encourages regular use. This way, every item worn or used in public becomes a moving billboard, offering continuous exposure.