Chapter 8 NYC



How do we bridge the gap between an online cryptocurrency community and immersive in-person experiences?

Our approach to bringing the community together involved developing a church-themed brand to emphasize unity.


Augmented reality experiences provide an effective solution for connecting the digital landscape with real-world settings.

We designed church-themed framed images that transform into 3D AR experiences when scanned with our unique Instagram effect.


This approach led to an enhanced interactive experience, as visitors could immerse themselves in Augmented Reality.

The AR effects generated social media buzz as attendees needed to use Instagram to access the immersive experiences.


Services Provided

Representing NYC

Logo Design

Utilizing the iconic torch from the Statue of Liberty to create the numeral 8, the logo distinctly makes the connection to New York City

Blockchain Technology

Proof of Attendance Tokens

For event participants, we developed digital Proof of Attendance Tokens (POATs), whose legitimacy is confirmed and stored on the blockchain.

Digital Experience

Augmented Reality

We developed Instagram effects that transformed framed artwork into interactive augmented reality pieces, blending the physical and digital realms.


Project Gallery


Concrete Results

Combining augmented reality with Web3 technology enhanced event engagement and connected the online community with the physical one

Blockchain technology provides a revolutionary way to build and engage online communities. By leveraging unique digital assets, brands can reward community members, unlock access to exclusive events, and create unique consumer experiences